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They are FANTASTIC!! I would give them 6 stars if I could!! OK, It's over 100 degrees and our A/C goes out Thurs. evening - I call First American (our home warrenty service) Thurs. around 4:30p - They tell me North Star Mechanical will be handling my claim - I call North Star Mechanical Friday morning - They send a tech out around 1:30p - He checks and says it is the blower motor and will be back Saturday morning to replace it (leaves around 4:30p) - Shows up around 10:30a Sat. - Bangs around for 3 hrs. leaves around 1:30p without saying a word ??? North Star Mechanical's dispatcher calls to verify an appointment for Monday?? I call First American around 1:30p and tell them their contractor just walked out on the job. They give the contract to Austin MGM Air. Their tech Marc shows up around 9:30 and has the system running in less than an hour!!! (and it wasn't the blower motor). Austin MGM Air has very professional & knowledgeable techs. I would Highly! recommend them. Kudos to Marc & Austin MGM Air!!!!

Jerry G.

I'm so glad we found someone we can trust, especially since we are out of state homeowners. Mark is trustworthy, dependable, accessible and knowledgeable in his trade. We found him through our home warranty service. Our ac unit wasn't cooling and at first, our warranty company sent out another company. Our tenants complained about this other company from the start. After several visits, they said we needed a new ac system. Unfortunately, not everything was covered and our portion seemed unusually high. Since I was paying so much out of pocket, I requested a second opinion so our warranty company sent out Mark from Austin MGM Air. I told him that our tenants have been without air for about a week and a half as other company tried to figure out what problem was. Mark was able to get out to our home almost immediately. As soon as I gave him the go ahead, he set it all up with our warranty company and then had our ac system installed and running in no time. All this was done at at a lower cost than what the first company had quoted me. Turns out the first company was charging us for extra things that Mark said we did not need. We are happy and our tenants are happy for the fast service. Tenants also said that Mark was genuinely concerned about them as he tried with best of his ability to get them up and running ASAP. I already called our warranty company about the great service I received from Mark and also to request to have him go out to our home first if we have other AC issues.

Marie W. U.